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Overview and Concept of Operations The DARPA Command Post provides the sole interface by which teams will transmit competition data to DARPA for purposes of scoring, and, as such, is a critical element for competition participation.

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VERIFYTHAT THIS IS THE CORRECT VERSION BEFORE USEPage Thus, an SI may parse responses for information of interest by scanning for the relevant keywords. MCCS received the data group. Note: The CPD has been eliminated from the JCIDS process. Severity level of alert: FATAL, ERROR, WARNING, or INFO. Verifies that the data value meets the specified business logic.

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For example, conformance test kits can significantly help during the development phase to ensure that inadvertent configuration problems do not arise. Comments to this blog are welcome. Applications and HID devices exchange data through Reports.

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The EDGE server will have a receipt and control process for receiving and storing the claims and enrollee data files.